FAQ (so far)

Q:How do you create your comics?

A: Being as I am extremely cheap (and just plain broke) here's what I use to create my comics:

printer paper
watercolor pencils
any random papermate pens(they're everywhere)
Adobe Photoshop=3

I sketch out the panels in pencil, ink it with the pen, and measure borders with my ruler(which is actually slow and inefficient). I then scan the page on to photoshop at 200 dpi and adjust and enhance it to my liking. Then I resize it to a viewable size and save for web, making it a much smaller file. I'm not really an expert on comicing, so you might want to check out advice on other comic sites if you intend on starting your own comic.

Q:Hate to tell you this, but I think your work is sort of sloppy..

A:(1) that's not a question(2)no one said you had to like it...(3)Ouch(4) Yeah, I think it's sort of sloppy too....the lack of clarity and panel borders really bother me, and I'll try to make it neater and more aligned as time goes on. I'm sort of new to this, so I'm still learning. On a note though, only the prologue is going to be shaded so excessively. Right around the 20th page I just decided that drawing,inking, and shading with a little paintbrush page by page is really onerous. Once I start on the chapters I won't do that.

Q: But...I sort of like the shading....

A: Then go make your own comic. You'll soon discover my pain...heh heh.

Q: Weeeeell....I saw another comic around somewhere...and your's looks uncannily similar to it...What do you have to say,HhmMMMmmmm?

A: Well, that may be true, since I don't have an inventory of all the comics ever created to make sure I don't copy any of them...though I haven't really heard of another comic that revolves around dragons..If you know of one, it'd be nice if you could inform me of it :). I really haven't even gotten to the real story yet, and I doubt there's someone out there with the same thoughts I have. So why don't you wait and see before you accuse me of ripping off someone else's work. >:}

Q:Well, ah, I've never read or heard of a prologue that's 30 pages long...

A:Now you have.

Q: What the heck is with those ridiculously long names?! They sound like gibberish!

A: mmm....they do, don't they? I don't really know why I did that...maybe just a way to express how dragons are on a higher level than humans in the comic..(better at remembering insanely long names?) Fortunately, the confused will not suffer. Since the characters get to know each other fairly well, they'll be addressing each other by shorter versions of their formal title.

Q: The characters are sort of dull, and there doesn't seem to be a stable plotline...

A: True, true. The prologue, when I went over it, moved at a much slower pace than I wanted, so it seemed like it was horribly drawn out and boring. The characters weren't really well developed, either. I assure you that that will change. I intend to make the story move a little faster.

Q:I'm sort of confused about this or that part of the story. What is the relevance?

A: grrrr.....again...it will probably be revealed in the future when I get into the story. If i happen to forget about something..go ahead and make something up that will satisfy your curiosity.

Q:When will you update?

A: I've set a schedule of every tuesday, but sometimes I have an extra page lying around, or I was too busy to complete a page (why, yes, i do have a life). Therefore, the schedule is subject to change.


A: ....................... well, this isn't very rewarding. guess i'll just close the site up and be on my way.

Q:Hey, I admire your work! Will you read my comic and give me pointers?

A: Awww...now I'm all warm and happy inside. Your comic...? I appreciate you reading my own comic, and i'd really like to check out yours, but it really depends on how much time i have. Send me an e-mail and I might.:}

Q: Can I do a Fan/art/fic/etc. involving your characters or concept?

A: Need you ask?:} I would be thrilled to see some feedback of that sort; it's like the greatest honor. One thing: Please give me credit for my creations, or else you would be stealing. And then I would have to destroy you. Utterly. :D

Q: Can you link me? Please?

A: I'm open to link exchanges, but if i get a really lengthy list,I might change my mind.

Q: What's with the title?

A: I honestly don't know. I pick out random parts of speech, and if i like how it sounds, i manage to use it somehow.

Q:What's your real name?

A: Initials C.L. You guess (ooO!guessing game!). Here's a hint. Could be Cucumber Lover (really , no) or Cute Laugher, or Crocodile Linebacker......whatever.

Q:You know those banners that pop up? They're really annoying.

A: Sorry, can't help you there. They really bug me too, but it's the price for not paying a monthly fee for this space. Darn people and their advertising schemes...

Well, that's all there is for the temporary faq (longer than i expected it to be...). If you have anything nice or mean to say to me, go ahead and sign my gbook. If you're really mad for some reason though, try to replace the expletives with those nice little symbols. If you have a burning question that I haven't answered here, go ahead and e-mail me, and i'll probably write back or post the answer here. Thanks ;P Now back to the mainpage.